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YTB Travel Business Opportunity Review

YTB Travel offers a network marketing business opportunity and their main product of is travel. This Review of their opportunity will break down what it will take to succeed and earn a good and lasting income when promoting their products and services.

YTB is a network marketing business opportunity designed not only to help people who love to vacation turn that passion into a commission making business, but also generating overrides and compensation on the sales you generate as well as sales generated by others that you refer to join- your down line.

What you get: A booking website. Which looks very much like other top of mind travel company websites. With it, they suggest that you can earn small commission for:

Booking vacations, trips etc. (and purchase of other products)
Others booking their own trips, airline tickets etc.

If you choose to become a Rep, you also have the business opportunity, you can:

Earn income and overrides on your recruits.
Earn significant bonuses which are based on production.

YTB also claims to have the only copyrighted compensation plan. One they vow will never change, which should always be a concern when considering a referral marketing company.

Making money with YTB Travel, as with other referral marketing companies is dependent on you building a down line.

You’ll need to be okay selling and referring to your friends and family.
You’ll need to be able to handle hearing “no” without getting too discouraged.
You’ll want to make sure you balance your recruiting efforts so you don’t lose friends.

Or you learn a solid online marketing plan to drive traffic to your site.Wouldn’t you agree that it’s much easier to return a call than to solicit new business?

When I review different companies, I always look at the validity of their products. You should do the same and seek legal advice when in doubt.

It’s true, the YTB name has been dragged through the mud by some claiming they are an illegal pyramid scheme. Yes, they have suffered a black eye due to the fact that they have been hit hard by lawsuits trying to prove their illegitimacy. But they are still operating, and according to Travel Weekly, doing some business as well.

They also ranked at #34 on Travel Weekly’s 2011 Power List.

Now, I am not an attorney and am not giving legal advice, but from what I can see, YTB Travel is a whole lot like many other companies who offer a similar business model. They offer a variety of different products including:

Vacations, trips, adventures
and more

Home Based Travel Business

The travel industry has weathered mammoth upheavals and has metamorphosed into a mega industry that generates over $700 billion in total expenditures.Travel has become the world’s most dynamic product and one of America’s greatest assets. And the major catalyst for its revolutionized breakthrough is the people’s unbridled passion for wanderlust.

The advent of the Internet in the 1990s saw the evolution of a network of home based travel businesses as the travel industry was one of the earliest to go online. Based on actual research, these are identified as the growth opportunity of the 21st century. And since more than 79 million American adults purchase travel products online, to try to score a slice of this lucrative market does not seem to be a bad idea afterall. But what really makes this opportunity a solid money maker?

1. Travel is an in-demand product. It plays a rhythmical and adrenalyzing role in may people’s lives. Every minute in the United States, $1,110,000 is spent by resident and international tourists on travel and tourism. Almost 640 million passengers board one of the nation’s 24,535 flights each day, 2.6 million hotels rooms are occupied each night, and more than 80 percent of the nation’s 1.8 million rental cars are used for business or leisure activity daily.

2. Income is unlimited. The more gruntwork you undertake, the more revenues you accrue. Coupled with entrepreneurial flair, only you can determine the farthest point your bankroll can reach. The earning potential for any travel business opportunity will prove to be seamless if the marketing tools it provides are wisely utilized.

3. As a home based travel business, you incur less overhead expenses than your traditional counterpart. And per accounting parlance, less expenses, more profits. You don’t pay exorbitant rent because you convert one of your bedrooms into your work area. And you don’t need to replenish your wardrobe because there’s no dress code to observe.

4. Such opportunities offer an awesome steady, passive residual income program that will sustain you for the rest of your earthly life.

5. A home based travel business encounters lesser risks. With high profit margins and minimal promotion and advertising costs, possibility of failure is infinitesimal.

6. Market is limitless. People from all walks of life consider travel as a necessity. In fact, 91% of Americans take vacations every year.

There are umpteen other reasons why Cruise to Cash may spell the end to your quest for a thriving home based travel business, and if you want to look up the lucre that this latest innovation in travel marketing offers, you may go to Cruise To Cash Home Travel Business [] and get a luscent glimpse of its concept now.

J. Mendez is the editor of, a company established by JT Keys, Cruise To Cash Home Based Travel Business mentor that has been building turnkey ecommerce websites and marketing in the Internet for the last 9 years.